Positive Sustainability

“Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations’ to meet their own needs”, Brundtland Report 1987

Hire Insight takes a holistic view of Sustainability and enables its clients to positively affect it.


Hire companies are excellent leveraging the innovations of OEMs, but more can be done within the industry to evolve outdated practices. Companies who increase the use of lean manufacturing methodologies, data analysis and web-based customer interaction will remain relevant in a changing marketplace.


If innovation is the introduction of new methods, efficiency, defined by the ratio of work done to energy supplied to the work, is often the outcome. Focussing on efficiency both reduces cost and increases capacity whilst maintaining or improving quality.

Reduce Waste

Whilst increasing efficiency reduces waste, there are many other ways to do it, e.g., recycling or re-using.

A simple example is replacing paper fuel filters with plastic ones on small generators. If contaminated, the plastic ones can be blown or rinsed out and put back, whilst the paper ones are thrown away.


Due to the varying length of time assets are on site, maintenance frequency can be difficult for hire companies. We know that under-maintaining an asset increases corrective maintenance costs but, as shown below, over-maintaining it also increases costs. Optimising can reduce costs and increase the life and value of the asset.


Does the saying ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ still hold in a world of incredibly cheap products which are increasing in quality? Kia offering a 7 year warranty alongside lower prices does add to the challenge to this assumption.

I propose that ‘buy low quality, buy twice’ does still hold and buying good quality assets produces less waste, so is often the most sustainable option.