Independent Asset Manager

Gain all the benefits of an expert hire industry asset manager without long-term employment costs and commitments.

This monthly package provides clarity and support for both day to day and long-term strategic decisions.

It offers an experienced and independent view of your hire fleet and consists of an executive summary supported by data analysis.

The Executive Summary is a commentary for the senior management team and decision makers, highlighting both risk and opportunity.

The Data Analysis includes individual comments, giving more depth to the raw numbers and charts. The elements covered include:

  • Full Utilisation Analysis
  • Parasite Assets
  • PCDR Analysis (Productive/Capacity/Dispose/Risk)
  • Out of Service Assets
  • Deep Dive on Significant Assets

Regular checking of key metrics enables trends to be detected and acted upon earlier. Leaving anything unactioned in the hire industry compounds the situation and early vision enables swift action.