Fleet Healthcheck

The Fleet Healthcheck is gives an overview of a hire company’s whole fleet. It highlights both risk and opportunity, enabling Increased ROI and Reduced Risk.

Hire companies are complex, fast paced and often firmly entrenched in the day to day. This product sits outside the day to day and gives a balanced view of several business areas, including:

  • Profit
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Administration

Below details the main elements of the healthcheck which will be included in the presentation and report. Some will be more relevant than others, depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each company.

  • Utilisation
    • The most important measure for any hire company. If nothing else, report on it.
  • Parasite Assets
    • Assets which don’t go on hire, leech cashflow and store cost
  • Core Fleet Definition
    • The core fleet is unique to each company and often defines it. Clarity helps both internal and external identity and focus
  • Age Profile
    • Vision of your fleet’s age profile helps both asset management risk strategy
  • Quality of Revenue
    • Not all revenue has equal cost – improving or eliminating low ROI revenue and costs increases your overall quality of revenue
  • Time Since Last Service
    • Unserviced assets reduce availability in depots and increase risk of failure on site
  • Consistent OEM
    • Purchasing assets from a consistent OEM has many benefits:
  • Cost of Exit
    • Controlled and cost-effective disposal of assets before end of depreciation or lease period
  • Service Frequency

Over, under and inconsistent servicing increases cost and/or risk of failure